My Eyes Look Up

Artist: Katherine Horst
Series: Bloom
Medium: Collage on Paper
Size: 19" x 21"
Price: $245

From the Artist…

The Son sits on a rock. He is a strong oak with roots falling underneath the bark's weight. Across the field sits a pile. It is a pile of saplings and broken branches waiting to be burned by the next flame. There is a dialogue occurring in this place. The pile looks and wishes to be strong and tall like the oak. It wishes for one touch from the roots climbing towards it. We see that the ends drip blood. The tree is mighty with its height, but sits quiet, seeping vulnerably. We are the pile of wooden trash. Each small wooden sliver is a scrap of life from our everyday. The mighty Savior is firmly resting upon stone and earth, which was His temporary resting place. The blood pours to show of love and pain. My eyes are looking from my mound of kindling towards the cross, the pillar of wood where my sins were placed. I am waiting to be lit—to burn bright from the flames that fill my space and act as a light to the rest of the earth.


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