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The Waters Collage Collection

Water has been a fascination for artists throughout the centuries. I am not the only one that has stood by its edge and marveled at water's untamable life. It never rests as it moves in small quivers or sweeping waves. The color that reflects from its surface captivates me as I try to discover the many different shades of blue, green and even brown. As I study the visual characteristics of a lake, I find a deeper emotional connection. It holds a deep symbolism aside from the pure, aesthetic splendor. Water is cleansing and renewing. It is a powerful danger that shouldn't be scoffed at. My Christian faith sees water as new life and a journey. The washing away of physical dirt represents the washing of my soul if I let my mind ponder its meaning. My collages are part of this journey as I create works that show a glimpse of the complex world of water God made.