The use of vast amounts of diverse materials to create one image can be exciting and overwhelming. The discovery of the desired scene through all the scrap pieces collected from life brings the type of joy that happens when the mark from the brush finds its perfect home. I find delight in saving bits of paper, cloth, and other found objects to later involve in my 2D mixed media collages. My other art works, creative readings and points of view about the human condition influence me as I build imagery out of chaos. I feel that my heart and mind are able to coexist in the realm of collage. It is a puzzle of my identity and the matter that makes up the world around me. The working piece takes on a type of breath that at times can overtake my process. At the end there is a satisfaction in connecting the meaning with the form, but it always has a surprise from the initial created thought.

Select available pieces from Katherine's collection

Pip and Pop
A Daughter’s Dream
Flow of Color
To the Fort
Wild Arrangement
Black-Eyed Susan
Yard Bouquet
Handpicked Summer Bouquet
Pretty Ladies
With Love
By the Tracks
Fill This Space
Week in New England
Farm in Pink
Tufted Titmouse
Pink Expanse
Flowers in the Sun
Pike’s Peak
Born Valley
Earth and Heaven Meet II
Quebec Riverside
Colorado Wildflowers
Sway With Me
Red Birds Watching
Red Birds Watching II
In the Clouds
Take Me Back
At the Top

Sold pieces with prints available

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Recently-purchased pieces

Troubled Water
Being Koi
Kentucky Barn
Soft Blue
Cornwall Crossing
Little Red House
Garden of the Gods

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