Frequently Asked Questions

All of the pieces featured on this site are collages. Many of them include painted sections, backgrounds, or elements. And very often, some of the pieces of paper glued to the surface are themselves painted. My collage style is very painterly, meaning that the swatches of paper act as brush strokes. So from a distance, my collages can look very much like traditional paintings.
The glue and the sealant used on each piece is archival. The individual scraps of paper come from varied sources, including newspapers, magazines, coffee filters, etc. As a result, very few of the paper elements are archival.
Absolutely. I've enjoyed the challenge of creating custom pieces based on a client's vision many time. Visit the commissions page on this site for a few examples of past projects.
A number of organizations—from Scouts to American Heritage Girls—have visited my studio to learn more about collage. If you are interested in offering an educational experience for your group or would like to visit the studio for other reasons, please contact me to make arrangements.

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